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Our company, PNS Engineering Co. Ltd, was formed with people from ACMV industries. And most of them having experience of more than two decade in ACMV industries across South East Asia. We know what Myanmar ACMV industry needs and committed to fulfill almost all requirement.

We are stockist for materials which ACMV industries needs and manufacturer for rectangular duct, spiro (round) duct. pre-insulated chilled water pipes and accessories.


Design & Built HVAC Projects

Our team completed many HVAC projects in Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Oil & Gas industries.

Rectangular Ducts

We are manufacturer of rectangular ducts, fittings and its accessories.

Circular Ducts

We are manufacturer of circular (spiral) ducts, fittings and its accessories.

HVAC materials

We supply all kinds of HVAC materials.

Pre-insulated pipes

We produce all kinds of pre-insulated pipes for many applications.


We do R&D and innovation for HVAC.

Sedona Hotel Yangon

Snake Anti-Venom Production Centre, Yangon

Large Volume Parenteral Solution Production Plant (Inyaung)


Brands we carry